Mail Server Outage – February 2019

On Tuesday, February 4, 2019 at just after midnight, we experienced a catastrophic event in our Winnipeg data centers.  This affected both our corporate network and email servers, as well as our on-premise backups.

Email servers that route mail through our network, mailbox servers and spam filtering all experienced catastrophic and unrecoverable failures.  As a result, we had to rebuild all of the servers from scratch using what we could from offsite backups.

The servers are now back up and receiving email from the internet, but we are presently holding it back until all of our clients have created a Microsoft Outlook backup for each of their email addresses.

Before we can let you access your new mailbox, you must back up the data for each email address from at least one computer that has access to each email address.  If you have multiple email addresses on one computer, the recovery instructions will need to be done for every email address on that computer.

At this time, do not make any changes to email settings set up on a mobile device or tablet until you have backed up your mailbox on a computer with Microsoft Outlook!  Making changes to those devices without backing up on a desktop will lose everything on them!
(We are working on a separate procedure for “phone-only” accounts.)

Failure to back up your email accounts and files for each mailbox will result in permanent loss of all of your email history for those accounts when you connect to the new server!

Locate a computer that has the most recent emails downloaded for each mailbox.  The last emails were received by our servers on Monday evening.  There may have been some messages lost in between Monday evening and Tuesday at midnight if your computers were off.  Unfortunately, those are not retrievable.

Once you are ready to begin the recovery process, go to this post:  Mail Server Outage Recovery