We have been providing Internet Technology Solutions for business clients since 1995.  As our industry has changed over the years, so have we.  We are constantly evaluating new technologies in an effort to better support our clients.

There is only one thing about our business that we refuse to change:
Our commitment to our clients to provide stable, cost-effective and common-sense solutions.

wwwHere are some of the environments that we actively support:

  • Operating Systems:
    Microsoft Windows, Unix/Linux
  • Web Servers:
    Apache, Nginx, Internet Information Services
  • Databases:
    MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Content Management / Ecommerce:
    Wordpress, Joomla, Magento
  • Wiki Software:
    MediaWiki, DokuWiki
  • Web Frameworks:
    jQuery, DHTMLX
  • Programming:

(Unless otherwise specified, we support all current versions of the aforementioned technologies.)