The Power Of Nine

Nine Aspects Corporate InternetNine Aspects Corporate Internet Ltd. is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company whose primary focus is to help Canadian businesses gain a competitive edge locally, nationally, and across the globe.  Our team has been helping Canadian businesses work on the Information Superhighway since 1995.

Whether an organization needs basic corporate internet services or complete Online Presence Management, we have a wide selection of resources available that can be utilized.  All of our services are built around the following nine key aspects of Internet Presence Management:

  1.  Internet Presence Planning
  2.  Website Design & Development
  3.  Website Hosting
  4.  Email Hosting & Management
  5.  Web Content Management
  6.  Web Identity Management
  7.  Internet Marketing
  8.  Cloud Services
  9.  Application Development

We only make our services available to corporate entities, partnerships, entrepreneurs, registered organizations or other legal and professional entities.  We do not provide our services to individuals for personal use — ever!  That means:  no bandwidth hogging from people sharing vacation photos, movies of their pets, or any other unprofessional use of our services.

It is our mission to deliver value to Canadian businesses through Internet-based technology solutions developed, implemented and managed using insight, creativity and integrity.