Mail Server Outage Recovery – Rename iOS Mailbox

Recovery Steps (continued)

6) Renaming the mailbox on your Apple iOS device

This applies to Apple iPhones and Apple iPads.

Before you set up your mail account on your mobile device, we recommend renaming the existing mailbox first.  In case something goes wrong during the setup of the new account, you won’t lose the old messages.

Perform these steps for each mailbox you have on your Apple iOS device.

  1. Go into your device Settings.
  2. Tap the Passwords & Accounts option.
  3. Tap the entry for an existing mailbox in the list.
  4. Look for the IMAP section, and tap the Account entry.
  5. On the Account screen that appears, look for the IMAP ACCOUNT INFORMATION section and modify the Description field to have the word “BACKUP” at the end.  For example:
    • Before:   “My Work Email”
    • After:   “My Work Email BACKUP”
  6. Look for the INCOMING MAIL SERVER section, and modify the Host Name field to be the following:
    (Use this exact server name!)
  7. Tap Done.
  8. Close your mail application.
  9. Open your mail application.  You should now see the old mailboxes labelled with the “BACKUP” suffix.

Your device may try to validate the settings with the server.   It will fail – but that’s okay.  Simply tap OK or Accept or Yes until the device eventually saves the settings.

It may also warn you that you will be unable to send or receive email from this account.  That’s okay.

IMPORTANT:  The old mail account may prompt you for a new password.  DO NOT type in the current password for the new account that was created.  If you do, there is a good chance all of the mail in the backup mailbox will be wiped out!